Yellowstone National Park: Wyoming/Montana

We said goodbye to our friends and stopped for lunch at “Illegal Pete’s” before leaving Denver. It was set up similar to Chipotle except the food was WAAAY better. I’m such a sucker for a good burrito!

We drove for 6 hours through the most beautiful scenery ever through Colorado and Wyoming on the way to Yellowstone while listening to podcasts.

We got to Landon (or whatever it's called) at 8:45pm and got dinner at this strange western motel restaurant.

Fun Fact: Jesse James is actually a distant relative of my husband.

Fun Fact: Jesse James is actually a distant relative of my husband.

The place smelled like cigarettes. However, we had the best giant pancakes with bacon and eggs on top we had ever had. Hit the spot.

Then we stopped at Safeway to use the bathroom and get bagels and cream cheese because we are driving into the abyss for the next two hours to Yellowstone and not sure where we will sleep or get breakfast the next day.

We ended up sleeping off the bank of the freeway in a secluded parking lot amidst the snow bank. It snowed hard that night too. We drove the last 1hr leg into Yellowstone. We stumbled upon the most beautiful view of the mountains we had ever seen.

Literally no words can describe what it was like capturing this moment.

Literally no words can describe what it was like capturing this moment.

Arriving at Yellowstone, we first went to the visitors center to find out what was open and closed so we knew where to spend our time.

We wanted to go up to mammoth hot springs which was first come first serve. We were informed that it fills up by noon even though we are in the off season. It was 11am and it was going to be a 3 hour drive. We decided to go anyway even if we couldn’t stay the night there. No worries though because we’re able to sleep anywhere :)

Of course we first had to stop and see Old Faithful and wait til she went off!


We drove up through the Madison area which is where we stopped to see all the geysers.

Continuing on, we saw a whole bunch of people stopped on the side of the road along with police and rangers. They were looking at bears!

We had to stop and grab a photo. Not too long later we saw a coyote!

We kept driving and pulling off when we saw beauty which was really everywhere. Then we made it to Mammoth and hiked up as high as we could to check out what looked like star wars land or Mars.

After feeling like we had seen enough to continue on, we drove 5 minutes up the road to Gardiner which crossed the border into Montana. What a cute little town! We got pizza and ice cream for dinner. Wilcox ice cream was actually made 60 miles up the road and named the best in the state. It was so delicious!

On the road again! We got gas and much needed red bull and headed toward Bozeman, MT. We found a really nice Starbucks around 5pm. There we worked on uploading and transferring photos. We’d been without internet for 2 days! Oh the horror. Then we found our trusty nearby 24 hr Walmart to sleep. There were so many campers there. Never felt safer! Always a good sign. Watched the last episode of “Silicon Valley” on Netflix and went to sleep.