Packed & Ready, Set, GO! 

After months of working full-time, planning, researching, and saving every last penny---we finally made it. Tomorrow is the day we embark on our journey!  After making a few adjustments to our itinerary this is what we're looking at! 

If you're wondering, it's going to take us at least 1.5 months just to drive the whole route and it's close to 15k miles long. Nuts. I know. 

What does one pack for such a journey? I have no idea. But here's a peek into our best guess: 

Remember those storage containers I mentioned us fitting everything in? These are them! We have two and packed them according to urgency of use. Chris then attached rope for easy access.  

For our personal belongings, we have 2 backpacks each (one not pictured) and two large red duffel bags. One backpack is literally full of snacks and road games and the other has my personal makeup, a raincoat, my laptop, important papers, and a few notebooks. 

Toiletries: This pouch is super handy! It fits so many items in tons of pockets and is really compact. It also hangs via hook if needed. 

Thin packable pouches and stackable mesh cubes are great for staying organized and getting the most use out of your space! One on the right is warm weather, on the left is cold weather. 

The giant red duffel bag :)

Gotta take showers!! We expanded the hose so we could hang it from a taller tree if needed. 

We each have headlamps for our time spent in the dark. 

And some basic spices for cooking

I'm a professional makeup artist by trade so I brought a small makeup kit so that I can take jobs while we're on the road. 

Chris is a plumber so he decided to bring a handy tool kit of essentials with him along with some "just in case" items. We may run into some people who want to hire us for our skills so we have to be prepared for anything! 

We wanted to create a more personal way to interact with our friends and family while we were on our trip. We created a notebook filled with envelopes labeled in 500 mile increments and had everyone who came to our going-away party fill out a card to open once we hit the mile mark!

 Keep up with us because we will be documenting each surprise envelope via instagram: @lovegrowsroots and Facebook